Manuel Colasse

Manuel Colasse

CEO, Founder


Lumipower is the online sales platform of Colasse SA for home LED lighting products. You will find on Lumipower light bulbs, LED strips, LED floodlights, LED ceiling lights and other lighting accessories at a good price.

Lumipower offers a clear and easy interface that allows you to access directly to the product pictures and properties. Stock level is also displayed real time in order to let you make your choice according to your expectation in terms of delivery time.

Colasse SA has a ten year experience in LED products and projects. Initially based in Ans, then in Seraing close to Li├Ęge in Belgium since end of 2011, the company is welknown on the market for its professional led lighting offer with its SPOTLED brand.

The quality of our products and services and the satisfaction of our customers are our main priorities. Our testing equipement and quality control procedures are there to guarantee you that you will receive a flawless product in time.

Our logistic service handles orders every day. There sent via our carrier the next day for a delivery within 48h in Belgium and 72h in the rest of Europe.